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November 2015

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Heartland is a retreat that offers quality
at an amazingly affordable price.

Welcome to Heartland.

We’re a unique, spiritual, healing and detox retreat that helps you find the Power Within!

Our team of experienced facilitators help you renew your zest for life, refocus on the things that really matter to you, and re-discover the power, the creativity and the beauty you have inside.

A recent guest shared a story with us today…. That she is able to share her experience of Heartland with everyone that she knows because we embrace people from all walks of life.
You don’t have to be a yoga devotee, or a follower of any religious doctrine. As long as you want to get in touch with your own heart, to heal or renew yourself in your personal way, then Heartland is for you.

Now, you can enjoy a Health Retreat that’s also a Self-Empowerment Retreat and a Spiritual Healing Retreat. You’ll benefit from the advantages of three retreats in one! We’re the Health Retreat with significant added benefits.

Here at Heartland we come from our hearts and express them as honestly as we can.

We believe that nothing matters more than love. That love is the highest truth. And that Love is the best and most effective way to move forward and make our lives rich celebrations of life.

We welcome you to Heartland!

This 80 acre wildlife sanctuary offers relaxing and revitalizing
5-Day getaways from an extraordinarily low $995
(until 31st December 2017)

      6-Day all-inclusive detox programs from an amazingly low $1495
Please CLICK HERE to go to our 6-Day Gentle Detox Page

Enjoy our large Salt-water Pool!

Our 5 Day Healing Renewals are half their real value at just $995!

And our residential 5-Day Healing Renewal programs are an incredible $995
(fully inclusive!) (until 31st December 2017).
These aren’t prices you’d expect from a normal retreat – but Heartland isn’t normal. It’s more like an eastern spiritual ashram –with western material conveniences.

People from doctors and psychologists to miners and farmers, teachers, nurses and shop assistants both young and old (and from every state of Australia and New Zealand as well as South Africa, the US – even Bermuda, Tahiti, UK, Saudi Arabia and Norway!) enjoy the casual, laid-back transformative ambience of Heartland!

Amanda visited Heartland in July 2012 ...

I would like to provide some feedback on my stay with you. Today I was driving up the "Goat Track" towards Mt Tamborine from Canungra. My little boy who is 3 said to me "Look at the bewfiful (beautiful) trees". I looked and they were indeed amazingly gorgeous, the dawn sunlight was reflecting off them in brilliant yellow flashes and combined to create a bouquet of free and readily accessible art. I knew immediately that I had brought home an incredibly special gift from my stay at Heartland Retreat. I had accumulated JOY! The reason I knew that I had accumulated this joy and retrieved it from my stay at heartland is because neither of us probably would have noticed the trees or how beautiful they were because we were such unhappy people, or rather I was unhappy and asleep in my life and this emitted from me to my son.

Before I went to stay at Heartland, I was an emotional and mental tragedy in desperate need of repair. Les taught me techniques which helped me see I didn't need to be repaired, I just needed perspective.

My relationship with myself changed. I have since become kinder and gentler to myself. I appreciate everything that is happening to me right now, rather than dwelling on unhealthy obsessive thoughts from 20 years ago.

Now, thanks to so many spiritual epiphanies brought on by discussions with Les throughout the week, and the intense nurturing I felt throughout the process, I have gratitude..Everyday! I have so much gratitude for everything around me, and in discovering that gratitude, I now have immense joy.

People at work are amazed at the difference in my attitude and how happy I am, people always comment: "Why are you so happy and smiling all the time". I tell them "It's simple, I have joy!" Not many understand, but I am slowly trying to spread the joy around my workplace through the use of happiness and smiles and guiding other people to have gratitude. When I see an unhappy person, I smile at them as largely as I can and whether they return the smile or not, I send them joy from my heart energy and wish them well.

I am now allowing myself to be more vulnerable and let down walls which I had built as a child. I am surprised that once I didn't have such a stone wall around me how much my social network expanded and how rapidly. Everyone I see walking in the halls wants to stop and chat. I think it's because of the happy summery vibes I put out to the world. I am forgiving wrongs and looking at them from different sides and thinking, wow, why did that upset me so much. A lot of pain in my body has now subsided due to having less dis-ease inside.

I have continued eating in a vegetarian style, as it pleases me to think I may be reducing the footprint of the innocent animals who are needlessly slaughtered in fear and horrid conditions.

Oh yeah, and I have exploded with creativity. I put one of my paintings on the wall and my little boy said "That's so pretty mummy". I also felt brave enough to send one to my friend for her birthday.

I wish I could hold the world inside my soul so they too may feel the amount of joy which emits like a sun from the love I have for myself, my son, my world and earth and universe. Thank you Les and Trudi, thank you thank you thank you. And I thank you also for Nicholas, who is one of the purest and kindest human beings I am yet to meet, many people could
learn so much compassion from your young man.

In gratitude and joy.
Amanda (south east Queensland)

Kylie came in April 2016 ...
"To Les and Trudi Dyer and the whole Heartland team, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have recently returned from 5 days of being pampered, catered for, fed in every way thought possible. Mind, body, spirit....

I have come away feeling reconnected to me, my essence. My expectations were met and exceeded. Thank you for reminding me of who I truly am.

How WONDERFUL to know that there is a sanctuary out there-far far far removed from the madness and chaos of this world-called Heartland.

Thank you Les and Trudi for believing in and nurturing your dream and making it a reality for so many of us to enjoy. And as Les has taught me.....'thank you, thank you, thank you.' "

Much love and light.

Kylie Sunny Coast Qld

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Kathy came in April 2016……

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the retreat. I loved everything from the delicious food to the singing, chanting, yoga, tai chi, as well as the trip to Tin Can Bay to see the dolphins. I also loved the daily discussions in the library and connecting with beautiful, heart centred people and sharing. Trudi, your art classes were amazing ! Thankyou both so much for creating such a beautiful retreat where people can come together to renew their energy, share their love and heal their body mind and soul. I will be telling all my friends about what a truly special place Heartlands is. Namaste



Video - Many of our programs include free visits to feed the dolphins.

And when we say pampered we mean pampered with private zen-styled fully prepared rooms (air-conditioned), fine vegetarian cuisine, yoga, tai chi and the opportunity to indulge in optional extras such as kahuna, remedial, deep tissue or relaxing massage or a spiritual counseling/healing session*. (* Massages are optional 5-Day program extras but are fully included in our 6-day Gentle Detox program).
Heartland’s kitchen regime is based around some seventy designer-salad and healthy food dishes, many organic in season. There’s also a huge range of over 45 beverages from a huge range of teas right through to percolated coffees.
You’ll also be pampered with wonderful meditations, inspiring talks, empowering self-healing workshops and the chance to connect to the Power Within. Naturally, guests may choose to attend these talks – or spend their time relaxing in other ways. There is no requirement to attend any activity whatsoever.

Rosaria came from Sydney with her husband for our New Year 2013 program…..

Words are not enough for thanking you both for such an amazing New Year’s Retreat at Heartland. Once again, everything has been simply perfect, like a symphony played by an angelic orchestra (of course you do have quite a few important connections up there).

Looking after such a big number of guests is not easy task – and we are so grateful to both of you as well as Nicholas and Wayne for having done “miracles” in being sure everything was just perfect. A huge thank you for driving us to Carlos sand blow in time to welcome the first rays of the sun this year - what a memorable experience - and for the magnificent early morning picnic on Rainbow Beach! Wow! You are truly Angels on Earth!

I do believe Heartland is changing our lives – in a way no other place or therapy could ever do. Since our April visit we have already seen major changes in our lives, but we are also aware of how important it is to get some Heartland injections from time to time, as every time we learn new things and we keep growing along our spiritual path. We are now fully recharged, and our hearts are beaming with love. But we will come back and visit again soon…

With immense love and gratitude, Rosaria

The founders are Trudi Dyer, an artist of extraordinary passion and creative light that has brightened and illumined the lives of countless guests over many years. (Trudi sells well over 50 art pieces every year - so popular is her work) and  Les Dyer, an internationally recognized spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author who has been at the forefront of the Australian spiritual movement for over thirty years. He has facilitated over one thousand retreats and spiritual workshops across Australia alone.

Cooling Off
You can also indulge in a creative art class, express your inner child or enjoy the fun of visual expression. Heartland offers creative classes, believing that self-expression is one of our most effective healing processes.

There’s a 4,500 book library to browse, full of spiritual, healing and self-empowerment volumes and there’s even an organic macadamia orchard and a donkey sanctuary at the Retreat, too.

Many of our programs include free visits to feed
the dolphins.

The 2 dolphins (Mystique & Harmony)

A Health & Detox Retreat with a difference! That’s Heartland. Based on widely recognized spiritual teachings, self-empowerment and self-realisation techniques, complementary healing modalities and the most modern dietary and detox understandings, Heartland offers you the opportunity to experience a totally wholistic approach to your personal wellbeing – physically, dietary, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Heartland is a unique Health Retreat with a (non religious) spiritual and soul-inspired difference!

Heartland’s famous 5 Day Renewal and Healing programs are almost half price at present – $2000 value for just $995 (until 31st December 2017) !

Our 6-Day Gentle Detox Programs are amazing value (for so many inclusions) at just $1495. And credit cards are most welcome.

A part of these programs gives guests the opportunity (if they wish) to address everything from detoxing to quitting self-limiting sabotage habits inherited from childhood.

These programs are always popular due to word of mouth. They’re ideal for anyone needing to refocus their life, repair their relationships, resolve their past or repair a serious or debilitating illness.

As with other Heartland offerings, you enjoy your own private fully prepared room (air-conditioned), daily group sessions and lots of time to refresh yourself.


S. also came for New Year 2013……

Thank you so much for the retreat. It was truly a healing experience and the very best way to start the new year. It was uplifting and life affirming. At some time every day since I was about seven I have wished I was dead at least once a day and quite often it was throughout the day in darker moments. I did not act on this as I had this sense there was a reason I was here despite my inner voice telling me repeatedly I had no reason for being. You have shown me the reason. At peace, I am. Trust and faith, I have. Together with the divine. A knowing. Intention. Confidence now to step into all that I am, without fear and with love. Thank you.

Love and light, S.



Here at Heartland, we have 3 separate cottages where each guest has their own private air conditioned room.
A maximum of 4 women or 4 men would share the bathroom facilities and separate toilet. It depends on our bookings at the time – sometimes people stay here and only share a bathroom and separate toilet with 1 other guest – but unfortunately, we cannot promise how many guests will be sharing your cottage with you as our bookings come in at different times.
We also have 1 private ensuite room that you may be lucky to have during your stay here! But we do reserve this room for couples or for guests who require a private bathroom. We are happy to offer this ensuite room to anyone else – but cannot guarantee the vacancy at your time of booking (unless you need this room for medical purposes or you are a couple).
We also have the main Retreat house which has rooms available which we use when the need arises – if our cottages are booked out and we feel that another guest would be appropriate for that retreat.
We believe strongly that the universe guides the right people to come and stay here at Heartland – and we trust that each guest will find what they are looking for while they are here. Most of our guests settle into a wonderful peaceful place within themselves after the first initial greetings are over! If you are guided to come here – for whatever reason – don’t let our shared facilities stop you!


 Amex, Mastercard and Visa credit cards are always welcome.
Just 2 hours north of Brisbane, Heartland offers airport/rail/coach pickups to ensure a stress-free break.
Our sabotage-busting workshops, spiritual healing programs, meditation techniques, metaphysical programs and creative workshops all make Heartland something very special.

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Video inside our Temple at Heartland Retreat


Kathy also came early 2013….

What an uplifting, wonderful 5 day retreat and to witness the sunset was magical and I would like to say Thank You. Since I have come home I find I don’t need to re-act anymore all I have to do is come back to presence and know it is as it is. There is peace and understanding now with me instead of arguing. I am filled with so much JOY, nothing else matters. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you both.

Today while I was (out) ladies I know said to me, Kathy you look amazing what are you doing? I told them I went to Heartland Retreat but that was all I said ……to describe how I felt well I just can’t because they probably would not understand fully what I was saying! However I suggested to them that they have to experience the Retreat themselves. All I could be is a Beacon of Light to whomever and that is what my intention will be. Love and Light
Thank you also Trudy for those beautiful photos I am going to hang them proudly in my home and every time I look at them I will be sending you lots of love and light .
Namaste and Blessings


For more recent testimonials please visit our Testimonials page.

Are you seeking to find a sense of inner peace and wholeness? Would you like to heal your body, mind or emotions? Would you like to discover your inner child or inner artist?
Heartland offers you the peace and ambience we all desire today to discover our true Self. Here, you will be able to :-

  • Heal or detox your body, thoughts and emotions,
  • Remove any sense of sluggishness
  • Refresh yourself
  • center your being on the Divine within,
  • re-focus on your inner life,
  • refine your purpose,
  • replenish your spirit,
  • deepen your awareness and
  • find peace and wholeness
  • We offer you a place where you may find love, healing, real acceptance and spiritual wisdom.

We are all spiritual beings having a physical existence. We simply need to connect to the Power within and live it. That may be easy to say, but for most of us to live in a state of higher awareness is not possible all the time. We have moments of being awake and moments when we are almost asleep and simply reacting as we always have…. not consciously aware that at this moment we could make a new choice, we could express our higher selves.
We welcome you to share in our vision of celebrating life and making this world a better place for all to share!
With Love & Blessings,

Les Dyer & The Heartland Team


We started Heartland in order to offer people a place where they could feel safe; and work on any problem or situation they had in their life within a beautiful environment.

We did it mindful that everyone appreciates fine food, cleanliness, service, safety and all those little touches that make going away special – but not everyone can either afford five star luxury (or wants to pay for it).

So we try to offer the very best of both worlds.

No we’re not.

The sculptures and paintings of the Buddha's are representations of peace and bliss.

No, not in the orthodox sense; but yes, we follow the universal teachings of Jesus.

We don’t see Jesus as a saviour, but rather as a World Teacher.

There are four answers.

Firstly, we’re not ‘glitzy’ but more homely, more like a big friendly ‘b&b”.

Secondly, because we want to be of service to everyone – not just those people who can afford several thousand dollar stays.

Thirdly, we don’t have the high administrative overheads of most retreats.

Lastly, we’re not profit-driven (although naturally we do need to cover costs, plan developments for the comfort of guests and still be able to offer help to humanitarian projects across the globe).

Yes, with air conditioning, heating and quality furnishings (including double or king-single commercially laundered ensembles).

Certainly not.

You can simply lounge around the library – or even spend the week in the Art Shed!

All workshops and activities are optional.

You enjoy your own private room with shared bathroom facilities (one double room with ensuite is available for couples or those requiring extra privacy).

All meals, all workshops both on self-empowerment and healing, all talks, daily meditations and mantras, all art and creative classes are all included in our special package prices.

It’s a place where you can refocus, heal, empower yourself, connect to the Divine ‘within” – and generally have a good time without having to agree to any dogma.

We can arrange transfers from Brisbane & Sunshine Coast (Maroochy) Airports

We can also arrange pick up from Coach and Rail stations.

Our Programs start on a set day, generally on a Monday. We run programs often fortnightly because they’re so popular.

Gympie is about 8kms away and boasts 5 supermarkets, Big W, Harvey Norman, Lincraft, Bunnings, etc….

Yes, we do have a 4-person far-infrared sauna and a large salt-water pool for you to relax in the cool. Instead of a tennis court we have a macadamia orchard, a donkey sanctuary and walks across almost endless rolling green hills.

We are a continually "developing" retreat.

Good grief, no!

We are totally opposed to cults.

You couldn’t even join us if you wanted to!

There’s nothing to join to.



Kate came in January 2014...

Dear Les

Our daughter, Katherine (Kate) arrived home last night after spending the last 6 days with you. The difference in her is amazing – the furrows on her forehead have gone and she seems so much more relaxed and, what is so wonderful to see, happy and smiling.

We have spent the last 27 years trying to obtain help for her unsuccessfully – in fact a lot of the treatment prescribed by the medical profession has made her much worse. The last few months have been unbelievably bad and we have feared she would not survive. We had been told nothing more could be done for her and she would never get better. Many medical practitioners would not even return our desperate calls for help. You, however, seem to have given her a purpose for the future and hope.

Obviously one cannot erase 27 years of struggle in 6 days, but what you have accomplished in this short time has been nothing short of miraculous. We know that she will need to come back to Heartlands again for further visits and it is wonderful to know that she has your support and guidance going forward.

We wish we had known of Heartlands all those years ago. How different her life would have been.

Our sincere thanks to you both for giving us our daughter back and for the wonderful work you do.

Kind regards


Kate herself wrote ...

HI Les,

Heartlands was an amazing experience for me. So much more helpful than anything I have done before. Thanks to you, Trudi, and all the other friendly helpers.


Click HERE for "Heartland's Donkey Sanctuary"


Video Welcome to Heartland Retreat ...

Video Having a Look Around Heartland Retreat ...


Misty Morning at Heartland

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The View On Top Of The Mountain

Heartland is a Healing Retreat
This Means It Is :-

  Unable To Accommodate Children
  Pet Free Zone
  * Designated smoking area available

Thank You For Your Understanding

Please Enjoy Our 3 Photo Galleries
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