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Helping you connect to the Joy within ...

We are a non-religious spiritual teaching centre. We encompass teachings from the Zen, Jewish, Gnostic, Christian, Hindu, Tibetan, Theravadin Buddhist, Taoist and spiritualist traditions.

A wide range of experienced and caring facilitators, therapists and teachers (from many walks of life) make up the Heartland Team and support you in your quest for focus, healing and transformation.
Is the retreat Buddhist or Hindu? Neither. It is spiritual and itís for everyone. It encourages the understanding of those truths that underlie all of the world's religions, creeds, paths and devotional teachings - both ancient and modern.

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This is a venue for those seeking empowerment and great adventures in life! Here we share happiness, fearlessness, joy and spiritually based empowerment - the ultimate answer to sadness, hurt, fears, confusion and that sense of victim-hood which seems to pervade society today.
We offer serious healing programs for those in suffering Ė and serious spiritual teachings for those in authentic search. We also offer gentle, stress-free weekends for those seeking solace and peace from the hustle and bustle of the madcap world. And we also offer programs to bring to life the sculptor and the artist within you so you may express your Divine Self creatively!
Bookings are essential.  Early bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment.

We also operate a busy pesticide-free Macadamia Orchard - Why not pick up a bag of fresh nuts whilst youíre visiting ?

You will enjoy a Health Retreat thatís also a Self-Empowerment Retreat and a Spiritual Healing Retreat.
Youíll benefit from the advantages of three retreats in one!
Itís the Health Retreat with significant added benefits.

     Heartland's First Lily

The Retreat
Heartland offers you the chance to 'get-away-from-it-all' and yet be close to everything! We pick up from Sunshine Coast airport, bus and rail stations. We're just 2 hours north of Brisbane.
We offer private air-conditioned single or double accommodation. Each room has been designed to help you relax and take a pause from your otherwise busy schedule. Our retreat is designed to help you to deeply connect with your true self, your inner voice and heart.

Please Enjoy Our 3 Photo Galleries
by clicking the links below.
Gallery ONE  -  Gallery TWO  -  Gallery THREE


The buildings are surrounded by 80 acres of lush rolling hills on which we have an organic macadamia orchard and also a donkey sanctuary. Heartland is a registered Wildlife Refuge.
Click HERE for "Heartland's Donkey Sanctuary"
Our library is a first class spiritual resource with over 4,000 volumes for you to browse through covering religious beliefs, spirituality, healing, parenting, diet, psychology and self-empowerment.
Our Inner Sanctum is a deeply sacred space that offers absolute respite from the cares of the world.

The Creation of Our Joint Mandala 

Our Art Space offers opportunities to explore the delights of watercolour, acrylic and oil painting, claywork, sculpture, hebel block and various creative crafts.

Our kitchen offers the tastiest of healthy, often organically based, fresh vegetarian meals. We draw from a stable of over seventy different salads and fifty different juice combinations (many of them organic, depending on season). This emphasis on creativity and freshness makes Heartland one of Australiaís most creative gourmet fresh food venues. All meals and morning/afternoon teas are included.

We donate $50 from every 5-day booking DIRECTLY towards the orphaned children in:

The Joy Home For Children in Hyderabad, India
The Ebenezer Childcare Trust in Zambia, Africa

The Fred Hollows Foundation for the gift of a professional eye operation to a blind person.

Together we can help create an amazing and wonderful change
in the lives of those less fortunate!

And when we say that the money goes directly, thatís what we mean:
all of the funds for the Indian and African orphanages are handed over to the orphanages with NO money going to charity management salaries, advertising, office costs or the like (excludes Australian management costs of Fred Hollows Foundation).

The children benefit as directly and fully as possible.

To read more about these great causes please go to:

Effective 23.09.2011

Please Enjoy Our 3 Photo Galleries
by clicking the links below.
Gallery ONE  -  Gallery TWO  -  Gallery THREE


Heartland is a Healing Retreat
This Means It Is :-

  Unable To Accommodate Children
  Pet Free Zone
  * Designated smoking area available

Thank You For Your Understanding




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