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Helping you connect to the Awesomeness Within ...

  • Do you repeatedly shoot yourself in the foot in your love life or in
    your career?
  • Do you always put yourself and your needs last?
  • Do you never seem to have enough money to live the life you seek?
  • Would you like to improve your parenting skills?
  • In setting new goals do you find yourself frustrated by patterns of
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re lacking direction?
  • Or do you know what you want to achieve, but never seem to get there?
  • Do you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour that you want
    to stop?
  • Do you have emotional addictions or emotional habits that you
    are addicted to – that you just can’t seem to kick?
  • Do you sometimes behave or react in ways that seem irrational
    and you don’t fully understand why or how to stop it
Mentoring with Les Dyer is a revolutionary Self-education, which is light-years ahead of personal development programs of the past.
With Les as a mentor you'll discover a set of remarkable understandings and techniques, including Childhood Self-Sabotage Patterns, Neuro-Emotive Re-patterning and Re-visioning.
These techniques will allow you to take back your life.
More about Les Dyer's Mentoring
Nothing affects our adult life nearly so much as our childhood.
Unthinking parental behaviour leads to a myriad of dysfunctional behaviours in the growing child that, by adulthood, are all but invisible. The most important and critical of these destructive patterns is an indescribable desire for unhappiness and poor self-worth.

As incredible as this sounds, most of us have an unwanted, misplaced sense of justification for this behaviour. We become addicted to the pattern and can often not overcome the urge to continue it even though we recognize its destructive force in our adult life.

This leads to such things as :-
  • always putting ourselves last,
  • thinking failure at work,
  • feeling lack at home,
  • believing that hurt is OK,
  • thinking that relationships must fail,
  • feeling that abuse is normal,
  • thinking that rainbows of happiness are only for
    other people.

Why on earth would we continue to sabotage ourselves like this?
No matter what happened to us, as tiny children we thought it was an expression of love.... Therefore these patterns and beliefs are indoctrinated in us as children leading us to believe that sabotaging ourselves is an expression of love.
With Les as a mentor you'll discover :-
why you sabotage yourself,
how you sabotage yourself and
how to overcome it…
in order to live a fearless, fulfilled and generally joyous life.

Les' guidance gives you invaluable understandings and practical techniques to set yourself free.


Mentoring Outcomes

Les will work with you to set outcomes for your mentoring. Some of the outcomes you could choose include :-

  • Own your confidence in every area of your life
  • Gain and keep great relationships
  • Enjoy a wonderful love life
  • Achieve success in your career
  • Be an inspiring leader in you chosen profession
  • Be a beacon of success that attracts others
  • Experience fulfilment in your home life
  • Eliminate hate and anger from your life
  • Never again suffer victim-hood
  • Benefit from an ‘everyone’s a winner’ perspective on life
  • Reconnect with the spirit or soul within yourself
  • Gain more out of each day
  • Formulate great visions – and then achieve them
  • Find and experience satisfaction and contentment
  • Overcome any poverty mentality you may be
    suffering from

Who Should Seek Mentoring by Les ?

  • Anyone seeking to make real change in their life
  • Anyone wishing to stop sabotaging themselves, their
    success and their happiness
  • Anyone wishing to heal themselves
  • Anyone who wants to break their poverty cycle
  • Anyone who wants to achieve their full potential
  • Anyone who wishes to find their soul mate
    (and keep them)
  • Anyone who wishes to stop any form of emotional
  • People who wish to get more enjoyment and joy out
    of their life

Your Investment
Due to his busy schedule, Les will only be available for mentoring consultations for a limited number of appointments per week.

Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

The following hourly rates apply for mentoring phone consultations:
Unemployed, Pensioner: $50
Low to middle income: $120
High income: $180

Starting a Mentoring Program

To get started simply call us on  (07) 54816 777 or email us at
Best Time for Sessions:

Sessions are approximately 1 hour by phone OR Skype, although in some cases it can be by email or in person.
Some schedules run weekly, some fortnightly or monthly. One-off talks readily available!


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