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Les Dyer, Retreat Director
Hi, I am a Retreat Director, Author, Spiritual Healer and Counsellor. I’ve been a Healer and a Clairvoyant for around 30 years. Since the early 80's I have facilitated over 1,000 self-empowerment seminars, retreats and major workshops utilising psychotherapy, gestalt and other transformative techniques alongside Spiritual, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Zen processes as tools for inner unfoldment.

I’ve written five books on meditation, self-realisation and healing (and have another three on the way!). I just love helping people to find their path, heal their lives, reconnect with the power within – and make their life “zing” with enthusiasm again! You can read my fortnightly newsletter (regularly read by people living in some thirty different countries!) at www.inspirationalweekly.com

In my business life I have directed, managed, and launched numerous small and large businesses ranging from charity, to advertising and marketing to fast food.
I have lectured in Marketing and Financial Management at the University of New England and have assisted over 100 major companies to improve their bottom line.
Today, I provide real life mentoring for executives, ministers, psychologists, doctors, and individuals from all walks of life who are dedicated to achieving true success and happiness as a human being.



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Trudi Dyer, Creative/Arts Director

When I was a teenager, if someone asked me “what do you want to do when you leave school?” I remember saying “I don’t know, but I just want to help people”. Then after the suicide of my brother Mick when I was 16 and he was 24, I went into the pits of darkness for a few years. I took drugs and alcohol to numb the deep anguish inside myself. Then, when I was about 19, I recognised that I hadn’t actually grieved for my brother. The years I spent trying to numb the pain I had simply avoided really feeling it. At this time, I began my search for understanding…. about life and about death and the possibility of reincarnation and spirit. I read everything I could that helped me to learn. No-one around me at that time understood my need to learn the truth of my existence. “What’s it all about?” was my mantra!

My life now is simply an unfolding of myself…. like the petals of a flower coming into its own beauty by gently unfolding layer upon layer. I have learned lots of wisdoms from many teachers, but always my best teachers have been my family and friends! One of my son’s has asperges/autism and I have to say that it has been a gift to me to have raised a son who thinks differently to me. He has challenged me – and helped me to learn many different lessons. Having a step daughter has also been a wonderful gift and has taught me many things too. I am SO lucky to have our 3 beautiful children in my life! And I am proud of each one of them. It is so wonderful to watch them grow into their own selves!!

Most afternoons you will find me in Artland, teaching art and hopefully inspiring others to express themselves using different art techniques. Art has been healing for me in my life and I hope to pass that on to others. I am also busy as Heartland’s hostess and I especially love to see our guests relax once they get here and feel the peace & harmony that Heartland offers.

I feel very blessed being here at Heartland and living & working with my husband 24/7. He is my ultimate gift!


When Viv retired after 4 years of wonderful cooking for us and our guests at Heartland, we remained calm knowing that the Universe would guide the right person to fill the massive shoes she left behind!



Wayne - And so, Wayne (who we had known for many years) contacted us & asked if he could be a part of Heartland after being in the U.S. for 5 years. He’s not sure how long he will grace us with his presence (or fill our tummies with his delicious meals) but for now, he is content to create Heartland some truly yummy meals. We are blessed to have him here as a valuable part of the Heartland team!

Wayne is also chicken-manager and vegie-garden-extraordinaire!!!


 Nicholas – trainee kitchen hand / gardener extraordinaire!

Nicholas (our son) is learning to be an excellent kitchen hand who delights in preparing the most delicious salads as well as helping our guests in any way he can.

When not in the kitchen, you will find him deep in the garden, often behind the mower.

His dream one day is to be a radio announcer.


Rob, our Tai Chi instructor

Rob discovered this gentle form of exercise while recovering from back injuries after a couple of accidents on his motor cycle. He broke his back, not once but twice! He was in a lot of pain and didn’t think he could ever do much again with his life. This is when he discovered Tai Chi and after it made such a difference in his life, he became a teacher to inspire others to heal. Heartland is lucky to have him here to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for this wonderful healing exercise.


Ovidne is Heartland’s visiting Astrologer.

Having come from a corporate background, she was inspired many years ago to leave behind her career and inspire people through her astrology readings. Ovidne has written several books and continues to assist people through her readings and her writing. She intuits the astrological information and makes it easy to understand. You may book a reading with Ovidne while you are here at Heartland.


Kylie, Millie and Simonne – Therapists

Millie is a fully qualified professional Remedial Therapist who supports our guests with her finely attuned massage techniques. No matter how difficult your condition may be, Millie is sure to be able to assist you.



Simonne offers a most relaxing and healing massage. She also offers our clients both Reflexology and Reiki.



Kylie is Heartland’s visiting Naturopath who is also qualified in Homeopathy, Iridology and other healing modalities. She visits Heartland during each 5 day program to present a talk on naturopathy & nutrition. Kylie uses her many skills to help people during their healing – and to assist them to better understand any issues they may have within their body.

Her passion is to be of service and help others to heal. Kylie is also available to give one on one consultations during your stay at Heartland. 

Other therapists may be available at the time of your visit – please enquire when booking.

Our beloved Will passed away in November 2012. We no longer have a special 4 legged friend in charge of “meet & greet” at Heartland. Sadly, no-one can fill his big-black-paws.


The sculpture of Will that Trudi created sits proudly at the front entrance so our guests can at least know he’s always here in spirit!

(Trudi and Will with his look-alike sculpture a few weeks before he passed)






Heartland’s Healing Horse Oliver - Arriving here just 3 weeks before Will passed away. Oliver has helped heal some of the grief we have all felt with the loss of Will. We are blessed to have “Ollie” as our newest member of the Healing Team – a new 4 legged friend (and a big one at that!) He’s a beautiful thoroughbred horse that we were lucky enough to be chosen to take care of. His role here is being the loving presence that he is! There is really nothing more he has to do.


Phil was once a racehorse (although the couple of times he raced… he came last…) but after a leg injury his racing career was over. So, he came to us in November 2012 so Ollie had some horsey-company. Phil is so quiet and docile & loves a good scratch around his head! Phil used to be the lowest on the “pecking order” before he came to Heartland, but now he’s gone up in the world and is “2ic” to Ollie – ahead of the donkeys and cows!! He’s in horsey-heaven!


Paddock Maintanence workers, Keith and Conroy - Keith (Nicholas named after Keith Urban) and Conroy (I named after our friends Ali & Lex) are our beautiful cows! We got them as poddy calves and so now we can call them & they come running!! Unfortunately born in a dairy farm and being male (ie - not milk producing) we saved them from a bullet. Fortunately for them, they will live a lovely life here at Heartland, being our chief grass cutters, along with the donkeys and Oliver. Who could ever eat something so beautiful? Come and meet them for yourself and see!!

Nicholas taking Keith for a walk






WWOOFAS - That’s “Willing Workers On Organic Farms”!
From time to time, we have the most wonderful wwoofas who come and stay with us & help with the many jobs around Heartland.
They help out in a variety of ways depending on how long they stay with us. Heartland is very appreciative of the helpers we attract.
If you are looking to volunteer here, join the wwoofas organisation & then let us know.
We would love to have you!


Wildlife - Heartland is the home of the Red-Necked wallaby.
We see them in the early morning and early evening.
They are shy of people – but are getting more used to us and at times we can get quite close to them.




Yoshoda, Pastures Maintenance Team

Yoshoda is the white & grey donkey and her offspring Mani was born at Easter 2009.

Patty is the oldest donkey & Aggie is the most timid.

The donkeys have a very important role here at Heartland, as they are the ones who eat the grass! They’re always happy to oblige you if you are holding a carrot or a banana and always love that little extra bit of attention (don’t we all!).

Our donkeys are a constant reminder that love heals all (Aggie has recently healed from a serious eye cancer through the loving attention of many of the guests!)

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Let us find peace and delight in it!
Let us find tranquility and keep it!
Let us find patience and own it!
Let us find empathy and share it!
Let us find honour and commit to it!
Let us find selflessness and become it!

Let us find tolerance and express it!
Let us find joy and thrill to it!
Let us find worth and value it!
Let us find Love and be it!
Let us find Real Self and live it!
Let us truly find the Divine and rest there!


More info at   http://www.LesDyer.com

and   http://www.InspirationalWeekly.com

Please Enjoy Our 3 Photo Galleries
by clicking the links below.
Gallery ONE  -  Gallery TWO  -  Gallery THREE


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